the wacky world of School Rumble


high school comedy/romance

No. of seasons/episodes:
ssn 1 = 26 eps.; 2 OVA eps.; ssn 2 = 26 eps.

Main characters:
Kenji Harima, Tenma Tsukamoto, Eri Sawachika, Yakumo Tsukamoto, Oji Karasuma, Mikoto Suou, Akira Takano, Haruki Hanai

Yagami High School

i can’t get enough of School Rumble. *grins fatuously*


i must have watched this series three times already, but each time i see i see kenji harima‘s idiotic and increasingly manic attempts to tell tenma tsukamoto (possibly one of anime-dom’s most dense and clueless female protagonists ever!) about his feelings, i just double over in laughter. and of course, it doesn’t help that as his school’s toughest delinquent, kenji harima is honor-bound to maintain his tough-guy street.

school rumble cast

no, i’m not just talking about harima-kun’s goofy attempts (although his facial expression is worth a guffaw or two every now and then). i’m referring to all those crazy accidents (think murphy’s law to on steroids) and misunderstandings that crop up like crazy whenever he wants to get serious. poor guy. *topples over in mirth* he not only has to contend with tenma-chan’s notoriously slow mental processes, he also has to deal with School Rumble‘s other equally demented and maddening characters who are more than ready to think the worst of him — tenma tsukamoto included.

practically everyone in School Rumble likes somebody who just happens to have the hots for someone else. compounding this hilarious merry-go-round is the fact that the object of desire is usually unaware, or unimpressed, of being admired from afar.

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